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Classic Pac

Classic Pacman: eat all the yellow dots and avoid the ghosts. ...


Play Monsteroid, you are a monster, destroy everything! ...

World Cup Challenge 2010



World Cup Challenge Features :
- Over 200 World Cup history questions.


- Different difficulty levels based on player performance.


- Bonus items like 50% and Skip Question.

- Bonus Scoring for South Africa related questions and player performance.

- Ranking System based on final score.


- MultiLanguage: Spanish and English, but additional languages will be added.


- Facebook social integration. Players will be able to compete against friends or the world. Share scores in their wall and invite their friends to play the game.


- Outisde Facebook, game uses MochiScores but sitelocks could implement any scores api.

--------------------------------------- ...

Vortex wars

Vortex Wars is strategy game loosely based on Risk! and dicewars. You can play against up to 7 players with one of many game options and maps. You can unlock new content by playing and even get some bonuses that will help you in future games.

Controls are simple, just click on one of your regions and than click on enemy region to attack it. Dice rolls determine winner. You will get reinforcements at the end your turn.

Game is constantly evolving , bug are being fixed and new content is being added.


Defense of World UFO

Our planet was attacked by aliens from a far galaxy called Tadpole. They are very gluttonous and ate all their food long ago. Now they fly from planet to planet only to fill their stomachs. You have to protect our planet from these gluttons. ...

Palm Islands

This logical puzzle game is based on a classical japanese puzzle. Your task is to place on the map green palm islands and sea water cells so that all map followed necessary rules.
1. An amount of adjacent island cells is equal to a number you can see in each cell.
2. Different islands may  touch each other only diagonally
3. All cells must be or islands or sea cells. No empty cells..
4. All sea cells must be one single connected whole that is from any sea cell you can go to any other sea cell.
5. There must not be any square sea cells
(2*2 size).


Hammer Throw

Hammer throw your way to the Gold medal ...

Football Champions

Become the Football Champion in this fun, football style puzzle game. ...

Bubble Tower Defence 2

There are more than 30 kinds of bubbles, 5 kinds of towers and 30 levels in this game. Start right away to eliminate all bubbles! ...

Arrow Contest 2013

Arrow Contest 2013 is finally here. Theo has decided to join this contest because he practiced the archery archery and he knows that he is ready for this. The competition has few levels and in order to be the winner, Theo has to win each level with its probe. He likes to be called the Arrow and he is looking forward to show you that he is the champion. Help Theo to win the Arrow Contest because we do not want to see him loose. Good luck! ...

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