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Crazy Menus : Create awesome, "juicy" menus for your games or apps using Crazy Menus! It even includes a few general game elements like win/lose screens and animated jelly candies (objects have 1 frame, everything is done through code)Get it in the Scirra Store: Instructions: Examples- Win screen- Lose screen- Rectangle buttons spread up- Rectangle buttons pop from top to bottom- Circular motion menu- Circular spread from side menu- Fall down randomly- Diamond menu with slide on hover- Diamond menu with grow on hover- Jelly match three- Slide from side menu- Radial pop menu with opacity change- Browse menu with grow/shrink and fade effects- Rectangle buttons slide up- Rectangle buttons fade in from top to bottom- Rectangle buttons slide from right to left with fade in- Rectangle buttons pop in randomly- Jelly buttons- Square buttons fall down rotating- Square buttons slide in from right, rotating in a sequence

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