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Slotcar Legends

Buy and customize cars, race against other players in one of the many competitions or take on the computer. Choose from 20 different cars and race on many different tracks in this addictive racing game. Play Slotcar Legends with your mouse only. ...

Build a Robot 3

This gadget is for creative people, choose your parts and then close the directory window to view them on the screen.


Use the free transform tool to change the scale rotation and positon of all the pieces you use and make something really creative!


After you are done save your work to the <a href="" >Build a Robot 3 Robot Gallery</a>


Awesome Truck Parking

Use the arrow keys to drive, space for handbrake. Tap space to drift. You need to follow the small arrow in front of the car that points you to the right coin or parking spot. Enjoy.

Please feel free to let us know what you think!

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