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Stellar Conflicts 2.0

On-line, real time, action based multi-player game where players battle it out with other users. 16 standard playable ships, and 8 Capital ships .

Many different upgrades such as guns, missiles, shield generators, energy generators, energy Capacitors, even squad bases.

Different ship specials such as cloak, stealth, recharge.

3 Different zone types, free play, Death Match, and a Conquest Zone.

H For Ingame Help
(Keybinds are Adjustable in Preferences)
Movement – WASD
Speed Boost – J
K – Guns
L – Missiles (if equipped)
X – Dock (must be going VERY slow)
Enter for game chat
Pressing O shows you the online players in your zone ...

Please feel free to let us know what you think!

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