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Ariel Nose Doctor

Ariel the mermaid is having some trouble breathing in this new doctor game so you will need to try your best to fix her up so she can get back in the sea and enjoy her time with her friends.rnUse the mouse to help Ariel. ...

Underwater Hidden Numbers

Find the hidden numbers in the 10 underwater scenes. Numbers appear in different locations every time you play ...


Click on any object and drag to similar objects, when you drop the mouse left button. ...

Mermaid Fairy Princess

Have you ever seen a mermaid in an aquarium? Today we have invited a real mermaid from the oceans to make a show for us. The Mermaid Fairy Princess is right here in this online game for girls and she is going to let you choose her outfit for the show. There are lots of other games you can choose with mermaids but this one it is worth playing it because you will fall in love at the first play. Make the mermaid fairy princess to look like a real beautiful girl. People watching the show will be thrilled to see your masterpiece. ...

Tiny Balloon Fish

Let's swim and fly as far as you can with this clumsy Balloon Fish. Avoid all the obstacles in your way and improve your record!

Press or release left mouse button to goes up. Avoid the obstacles and swim or fly as far as you can!

Left mouse button or Space key to goes up.

Dolphin Volleyball

Hit the ball back and forth with your opponent. Win points by getting the ball to hit the water on your opponent's side of the course, or by getting your opponent to hit the ball out of bounds. Brought to you by 2pg ...

Red Sea Race

Race in the mysterious places of the Red Sea in this fun, exciting and addictive game. ...

North Sea Jigsaw

Piece together three great pictures of the scenic North Sea ...

Spearfishing Adventure

-  16 levels/locations to hunt fishes/sharks/orcas/whales


- Each level has a score limit to unlock      


-  while you control your diver  with your mouse and left click to shoot spears at the same time you need to watch out out of breath time before it goes to zero you have to go up take another breath


-when you kill a fish you need to go collect it to earn money and score


- every 5 level you dive deeper 


- Game instructions integrated to level1 


- some sharks will follow you kill them before you get killed 


- if you like to unlock more levels click reset game 



The Viking’s Revenge

Train your brain controlling the forces. Complete all 20 levels as fast as possible! Will triumph in all sea battles! ...

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